About Us

Shadi Magazine is a quarterly publication for children and teenagers, published in four languages: Persian, English, French and Arabic. We aim to reach, in particular, first generation Western youth to facilitate linkages between their families' cultures of origin and their current cultural context. The magazine is easily accessible to all since it is published in print and also available online.
The aims of this magazine are to:
• Consult on an ongoing basis with authors, audiences, children, parents, librarians and educators to ensure our magazine deliveris top-quality resources for our audiences
• Foster children's creativity
• To contribute to intercultural literary resources for youth of all ages
• Support authors to create literary works that promote and teach good values to children.
• Create quality children's works that can be valuable resource tools for children and their parents such as the Encyclopedia of Children and Adolescents
• Promote a culture of reading in children, adolescents, and teenagers
To accomplish the above, this magazine works with people from many different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and languages to promote a universal approach that respects the cultural values of all.
This magazine has various plans that aim to make a difference in children's education. We certainly hope that our readers and friends appreciate and welcome all of the activities this magazine presents offers. Moreover, those knowledgeable about children's education will help us in spreading the culture of reading and literature and innovative activities by sending us their comments and suggestions.